Strike Grounds Kingfisher

Kingfisher has cancelled all its flights because of an unofficial strike declared by engineers and pilots. The airline has put out a press release on the topic as well.

Kingfisher employees are protesting the non-payment of salaries for months now. However, the protests reached a new level when striking ground handlers beat up an executive and held passengers hostage aboard their aircraft for hours.

The DGCA (regulator) is reviewing the situation. With all aircraft grounded, Kingfisher does not qualify for an AOC any longer – a minimum of 5 operational aircraft are necessary to maintain the permit.

Since there are no engineers available to certify aircraft for operations due to the strike, Kingfisher has approached Air India. IndiGo, and Jet Airways for the same.

Kingfisher has also stopped selling tickets for Tuesday’s schedule through all channels.

It looks like this might finally be the real end of the road for Kingfisher. Then again, we thought it was the end of the road many times before as well

We will be monitoring the situation carefully, ready to give you updates as soon as possible.