Kingfisher Lost ₹1,150 crores in Q4, ₹2,325 crores in FY2012

Kingfisher has posted their 4th Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011-2012 results. And they are not good.

Kingfisher lost ₹1,151.5 crores (~US$200 million) for the 4th quarter ending March 31st, and ₹2,328 crores (~US$415 million) for the entire fiscal year.

With Kingfisher only running skeletal operations, in some ways it’s surprising that their revenue only crashed by almost 50% last quarter. With that said, there is little purpose in analyzing Kingfisher’s financial performance closely. It’s clear that the airline has fallen apart, and that nobody in their right mind would be willing to invest in it, or even take it for free.

While Kingfisher has been the airline that just wouldn’t die for some time now, the airline will have to go down soon enough. These kinds of losses simply aren’t sustainable.