Jet Airways Moves Closer Yet to Star Alliance

Yesterday, airlineroute announced that from mid-November, Jet Airways will not be serving Chennai-Brussels anymore. It appears that this reduction is moving towards a hub in Munich instead, so that Jet can be integrated closely into Star Alliance.

The first sign of this was also yesterday, when Munich Airport posted a schedule for Jet Airways’ operation of Munich – Bangalore! This is the largest Indian destination which is still unserved from Munich by Lufthansa.

The tentative schedule is set to begin in mid-March, and is as follows:

Flight No. Departure Arrival
9W 154 BLR 04:05 MUC 08:35
9W 153 MUC 12:00 BLR 02:40

A 4AM departure isn’t so nice, but this flight connects perfectly with Lufthansa’s bank from Munich. More importantly, the flight will operate out of Lufthansa’s Terminal 2, presumably to facilitate convenient connections.

Jet Airways has been sending lots of mixed signals regarding alliances, but it looks like they’re moving closer to Star in earnest now.