Jet Airways Cancels Brussels-New York JFK Service From September

From 11th September 2012, inventory is zeroed out for Jet Airways’ Brussels-New York JFK service, indicating that this route is likely to be suspended or cancelled then. This is not really a surprise after SN Brussels Airlines recently launched service on this route. It was already a relatively low-yielding route for Jet, and the new competition pushed it over the edge.

The SN Brussels service fits very nicely into Jet Airways’ bank of flights. Jet already codeshares with SN Brussels for intra-Europe feed, and it would not surprise me at all for Jet Airways to continue serving JFK through an SN Brussels codeshare.

Jet recently gained rights to serve Chicago, San Fransisco, and Washington DC. Replacing JFK with one of these destinations seems likely. Chicago is the most likely choice, although Washington DC is also a possibility.



    This may be a blessing in disguise for 9W. I used to like the flexibility of having my (limited) award inventory being dispersed amongst two airports in the area, but this nevertheless will hopefully help to tap into a new target market after AA’s nonstop route withdrawal!

  2. The Jet Airways website shows 9W226 and 9W225 operating on 13/Sep/2012. You may want to check the accuracy of your information before posting a story.

  3. AA_EXP09 says:

    This was an easy YQ dump….