More Airlines Introduce ₹50 Charge For E-Ticket Printout

A few weeks ago, Jet Airways introduced a ₹50 charge for getting an e-ticket printout at the airport.

This, like any other devaluation, caused a lot of cribbing from frequent flyers. And while the arguments were weak, nobody can deny that picking up your e-ticket printout is very convenient. For some people, it’s the only option. As with any other rate increase, I expected this charge to stick if other carriers matched it, but be repealed if nobody else did. India is a unique market where the ancillary fees that work well in other parts of the world (baggage fees most notably) simply kill load factor. So, monitoring the public response was important to ensure that this fee would be accepted.

It appears that IndiGo and SpiceJet have watched that response and decided that this fee is safe to match. Effective today, e-ticket printouts at IndiGo and SpiceJet counters will carry a ₹50 charge.

I expect the other low cost carrier, GoAir, to match this quickly. However, I expect Air India and Kingfisher Airlines to hold out on this fee, to differentiate their products from the LCCs. Overall, this move by Jet just shows that they are turning into more of a high-cost, LCC-service carrier every day.