AirAsia Thailand Cuts Delhi As Well

Last week, AirAsia X’s decision to axe India was analyzed

. At that time, AirAsia Thailand was planning to continue its own service to Delhi.

Today, that changed when AirAsia Thailand announced that it was cutting service from Bangkok to Delhi as well, with the last flight taking place on March 23rd.

The reasons for this cut aren’t surprising. AirAsia blamed the high fuel taxes and airport surcharges. With Delhi’s 280% proposed increase on landing and parking charges, a lot of airlines are being scared away. In a consultation meeting that AERA held last week with all the airlines on the proposed hike in airport charges at the Delhi airport, three leading international carriers — British Airways, Air France-KLM and Lufthansa — said they would reconsider their expansion plans for India, saying the proposed increase was high.

The airport is staunchly disagreeing though  – they continue to maintain their original request for a 774% increase is more in line with what airlines should be paying. I guess they’ll learn once all the airlines serving Delhi leave for good…