Air India’s Safety Record Comes Under Fire?

You may have heard that Air India is the 3rd most dangerous carrier in the world. Major news organizations have been publicizing this idea greatly over the past few days.

This ranking is done by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), and our media, without even looking at what “evaluation” this organization actually did, has decided to widely publicize this fact to the world.

VT-EFO, the aircraft involved in the Air India 182 terrorist attack in 1985

The methodology which JACDEC uses to declare Air India unsafe is ridiculous, fortunately for everyone expecting to fly AI. They have based Air India’s poor ranking on the fact that Air India has had 329 casualties over the past 30 years.

Now, 329 casualties is a lot. 329 people dying is like a full Boeing 747 crashing!

– Which is incidentally what happened. 27 years ago, an Air India 747-200 was on the receiving end of a terrorist attack, and everybody died.

Using this event to declare Air India unsafe is ridiculous. It’s not like Air India gets to control whether terrorists attack. Indeed, it was found that Canadian security procedures were lacking.

JACDEC rankings should be ignored, as they are not helpful at telling anything about safety. Shame on the media for propagating such logically weak claims.


Edit: I’ve been asked by a reader how Air India’s safety record actually is. Overall, all the airlines in India are pretty safe, and Air India is no exception. The airline has passed IATA Operational Safety Audits continuously since they were introduced a decade ago. Air India also has passed the IATA Safety Audit Program for Ground Operations, being the only airline of India to do so.


  1. A Prabhu Ganapathy says:

    Very bad of them to unfairly slander Air India like this.