Air India (Partially) Reveals Tentative Australia Route Schedule

While Air India continues to wait for approval to take delivery of its 787, it has quietly been preparing for its operation to Sydney and Melbourne. Tentative schedules for Sydney and Melbourne have been released, however Delhi schedules have not been released yet. The inaugural flight will take place on September 1st from Delhi.

Flight No. Departure Arrival Aircraft Days
AI 312 DEL (TBA) SYD 18:15 Boeing 787 12-4-6-
AI 312 SYD 19:45 MEL 21:20 Boeing 787 12-4-6-
AI 311 MEL 22:55 DEL (TBA) Boeing 787 12-4-6-
AI 312 DEL (TBA) MEL 15:40 Boeing 787 -2-4-6-
AI 311 MEL 17:20 SYD 18:50 Boeing 787 –3-5-7
AI 311 SYD 20:30 DEL (TBA) Boeing 787 –3-5-7

It is obviously very frustrating to not have the official Delhi timings. Multiple phone calls and an email to Air India (unsurprisingly) went unanswered. The media gag order at AI is one thing I really hate about the airline.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for publishing this article. AI312 has been scheduled to land at Sydney and Melbourne today! Sydney Airport’s schedule will have the details, however there has been no mention of aircraft. I’ll be heading out today to try and catch a glimpse of it.
    Thanks for the fantastic post!