Air India Takes Delivery of the Boeing 787

Boeing has put out a press release announcing that AI has finally taken delivery of its first 787, VT-ANH!

Flown by Captains AS Soman and Amitabh Singh, the aircraft will fly to Delhi tomorrow evening as Air India 170, arriving in Delhi on Saturday.

The next 4 aircraft are expected to be delivered each Thursday for the next 4 weeks.

The aircraft will  initially fly domestic routes for crew familiarization purposes, before moving to longhaul routes such as the much expected route to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

AI is the fifth airline to take delivery of the 787.


  1. Getting delivery of one each week for the next four weeks would be pretty huge, both for Air India and also for Boeing. I know that Boeing has been trying to get deliveries out the door lately and they think the aircraft are mostly ready to go but they’ve still had issues with actually making it happen. Hopefully it really starts to take shape. After all, there are a lot of aircraft waiting to take to the skies.